Unscramble Letters

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Feb 24 2017 - New features coming

Bug fixes that caused crashes have been fixed. New features added.

Oct 13 2016 - New features coming

We are adding support for our dash that works the same way as on the website. As well as locking characters to a spot by checkboxes. Looking into color choosing feature.

November 17 2014 - Email Clogged

We just found out our email wasn't working. Our checks somehow passed as we sent emails but everyone had their email rejected. We think we have fixed our email problems. If you sent us email or feedback please resend your email. We really want to hear your feedback !!
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November 6 2014 - Initial Release

We had some last minute delays. But after 2 and half years we finally finished our iPhone port. It is free. Give it a try and see if you like it. Please email us any comments you have so we can make the app better!

October 1 2014 - Introducing our iPhone app for Unscrambling letters

Here you can find the latest on our iPhone app. Unscramble Letters is currently only available for the iPhone. It is free to download and uses only Ads up front so no Ads are seen on the app which users should love. Yes, you get all the functionality of the upgraded/paid version which does away with the Ads altogether. All the filters and settings in the paid version are in the free version. We respect our users who deserve our best effort. We are setting the price for upgrading to no Ads to .99 cents as a discount to our loyal users. We will move the price up in a few months but for now we have a deep discounted price.
Settings include 3 dictionaries to choose from. Max results returned. Min and max length returned. Font size. Sort by length or value. Color blanks red.
Features include filters. Start with and Ends with. Contains filter, must have filter, excludes filter, and separated letters filter.
Wildcard/blank tile support is built in as well. Use . or the ? or * as wildcards. Whichever is easier.
Scrollable word list is returned and tapping any word shows the definition.

We had a good friend help us finish this app from hell finally. Amazing programmer that helped us create this app and we are grateful for his assistance. Please download the app as it is free and have a look. We know you will love it.