Error Page

An error occurred. Please refresh/reload the page to make sure the old files are purged and you
get fresh files. This should ensure you have the latest and working files. It is not enough
to just got back to the page and try again. You must get a new session started. For Internet
you can select the 'View' menu and then choose 'Refresh' , then go back scrabble cheat

A real easy way is download and run CCleaner

You can also delete the cache. For Internet Explorer you can go to the Tools menu and
select Options sub menu which is at the bottom. Then press the delete button and delete
the temporary/cached files and then reload the page.

Why does this error happen? Sometimes if the browser sits for a period and is
inactive the viewstate gets changed and this raises the error. There is no reason the this
should happen but Microsoft set it up this way. We are looking for ways to fix this.